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Chinese Porcelain

European Porcelain
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Phone: +599-4165856,
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Bank account:
The Windward Islands Bank Ltd
Matthew Levenstone Street
The Bottom, Saba
(Dutch Caribbean)
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Unique for the Caribbean:
Dutch collections of antiques,
150 to + 400 years old.

-            Dutch Tiles from 1625 - 1900 (> 150 pieces)
-            Copper Engravings in antique Books and Bibles 1640 - 1777 (+ 50 books)
-            Miniatures 1409 - 1520, replicas in 8 (new) books
-            Lacework: Needle lace; Bobbin lace; etc. etc., 1800 - 1920 (90 pieces)
-            Real China , porcelain 1600 - 1775 (56 pieces)
-            European porcelain and earthwork 1650 - 1775 (133 pieces)
-            Persian tapestries (rugs, camel-bags, etc.) 1750 - 1880 (26 pieces)
-            Furniture 1500 - 1850, Gothic, Renaissance, Louis XVI, Empire, Queen Anne
-            Paintings 1750 - 1900 (18 pieces)
-            Mirrors ( 10 pieces)
-            Coins ( 431 pieces)
-            Tin (+ 25 pieces), Copper (+ 40 pieces), etc.

The video "Hike to the Clouds of Mt Scenery" is more than 20 years old but still the most beautyful and informative ever. It is true that the mountain mahoganies have been damaged in a serious way but the atmosphere is still the same and the trees are covering so there will not be an essential difference when you have reached the altitude of the Elfin Forest. Co-founder of the Saba Conservation Foundation, Tom van 't Hof, and the guide "Crododile James" are both guiding in this tour. Photos of the history of Saba are from the Dutch archives (and not from Will Johnson) and give you also insight in part of the history of the island and the photos of the Marinepark (also founded by Tom van 't Hof) show you another famous aspect of the island Saba. This video has been linked by Dutch Museum Saba on the website www.museum-saba.com because nature will always remain the first attraction for tourists and visitors.
More videos will be listed on this website in 2018.

In the past the cottage of the Museum was the house and atelier of artist Groria Lynn.
To honour her you may find here a link to a small album with some of her Caribbean artwork.

This Foundation Dutch Museum Saba is a private initiative in a traditional Saban Cottage

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Official Documents


max. size of groups: 6 visitors
The accent on the themes changes from month to month
Powerpoint presentations on request

Address: Park Lane Street 12, Windwardside
(on the corner just above Juliana's hotel)


Presentations about the WIC
(Dutch West India Company)
are given on request from 17:30 - 18:30

To give an idea about the relation between Saba and the Netherlands
(and other info) you may find a timetable HERE


Opening Hours: Every day from 11:00 am - 17:00 pm
or for other times on request


Facebook page: www.facebook.com/dutchmuseumsaba

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The foundation has signed the Ethical Code
of ICOM (International Council Of Museums)

The Foundation "Stichting Dutch Museum" has the ANBI-status

RSIN 8242.07.555

Links to some co-operating organisations:
New Netherland Institute, Albany, New York
MOWIC, Monuments of the Dutch West India Company
KITLV, University Leiden

videos / ppt

West India Compagnie
Relation between
Saba - Netherlands


Persian tapestries etc.














Special other Museums for Saba are:

The Harry L. Johnson Museum (LINK)
The Major Osmar R. Simmons Museum. (LINK), open on Monday, Wednesday & Friday from 10:00 - 13:00
Pre-Columbian Archeological Centre ("Saba Heritage Center")

An old video but still the most beautyful and the best one to learn
about the Nature of Saba
"Hike to the Clouds of Mt Scenery"