DUTCH MUSEUM SABA (Closed for good)

Collection of Antique Furniture (period 1600 - 1850)

General info:

The collecting started before 1875 by the parents of mrs A.J.C. Caderius van Veen-Steenhoff. Part of it has been transported in 1944 because of the evacuation from Arnhem, another part has been added in the period until 1950.

On this website you will see just a small selection, showing you different periods and styles


A chair from before 1600



One of the several armoirs from the period before 1700
(Dutch Classicisme from the North of the Netherlands)

One of the few English pieces of furniture:
a chair from between the period of Queen Anne and Chippendale
(English stiles were not popular that much)

A trunk (1706) from a monastry for storeage of blankets



A chair in the French style of Louis XVI

A canapé (settee) in the French style Empire (the period of Napoleon)


Much more can be seen in every room in the museum



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