Examples of collection of European porcelain & earthenware


General info:

The collecting started before 1875 by mrs Johanna Steenhoff-van der Feen, mother of mrs A.J.C. Caderius van Veen-Steenhoff. Part of it has been transported in 1944 because of the evacuation from Arnhem, another part has been added in the period until 1950.

Delft blue earthenware 1650: "Chine de commande"
painting and glezing in China on request

English earthenware Stratfordshire 1850

Brussels' earthenware 19th century

French porcelain 1910: Limoges, Ahrenfeldt

Saxony porcelain, Dresden, around 1800

Saxony porcelain, Dresden around 1900

Saxony porcelain, Dresden around 1900


English earthenware from before Wedgewood


Swiss folklore


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